Friday, August 5, 2011

All of my days

I could really use some help thinking of a title for this ensemble! There are a lot of descriptive words swimming around in my head, although I'm not sure many of them are suitable. Like, grungy beachy 80s Minnie Mouse love affair. My grandma says, Daisy Mae, but I don't think I'd flatter myself that much, haha.

My lesson learned today is how difficult high-waisted jean shorts are to photograph. Because I know how much you like lots of information, every other photo so sensitively highlighted my camel toe. (See me pulling down my shorts so inconspicuously in the first shot?) Can never be too careful, I tell yah. You should see my outtakes.

Today I went to the town rummage sale! It's the one everyone looks forward to all year, held by one of the ten thousand churches on church street. Met up with Christina, which is always a treat! There might be another Spoils of War post in the near future, but don't quote me on that. I still have a wedding to pull together.

Speaking of the wedding, EIGHT MORE DAYS!!!

Speaking of caps lock, I GOT THE JOB!!! You're looking at a new part-time associate at Apple Retail! I seriously cannot describe what a glorious feeling this is. Didn't think I would make it, I really didn't. Though if this isn't an unofficial initiation into hipsterdom, I'm not sure what is. It's worth it, though :) Can't wait to start next month!

Top, shoes, shorts, bag all thrifted/rummaged.

Have a beautiful Friday :)