Monday, October 10, 2011

Dumb blonde

I promised myself I wouldn't do this. Wouldn't do another style post until my hair transformation is complete. BUT... With autumn upon us, creeping in with its chilly little fingers, I realized that I'm running out of time to shoot outfits that require warmer weather. So, here we are. Hair is currently in Phase Three! I'm currently giving it a nice rest from all the processing, but it has not yet reached the look I've been envisioning. I think... I think if I had known from the start how long this would take, I might not have endeavored to try it. But I will press on! Sometimes I wonder to myself why I decided to do this. It's absolutely ludicrous, the trouble I'm putting myself through for the sake of my appearance. I don't know. Is there a reason? Should I bother trying to justify the marvelous misadventures of my youth?

Honestly, my head hurts trying to understand myself sometimes! But, gosh darn it, I'm having a lot of fun. I hope you are, too. Such is life.

Also, I want to shout out to my lady Ilse, who has been so patient and wonderful in helping me achieve my hair vision. This could not happen without her!

Wow. Ultimate brain fart. I have no idea what I'm wearing. My brain is conjuring the words "smock" and "hammock" (what the?). Um, if anyone would care to help my idiot self figure out what word I'm looking for, it would be much obliged. I blame the hair. Either way, that thing enveloping my torso is a gift from Christina!
Shoes- Hunt Club, thrifted
Bag- Dooney and Burke, seriously awesome thrifted gift from my mother-in-law, who is my kindred thrifting spirit