Thursday, February 2, 2012

A little artificiality

skirt, sweater, bag, jacket, and shoes- thrifted, scarf- Target 

Ever have those days when you're just feeling so ethereal? It's like, you get out of bed and your skin is glowing, your eyes are luminescent, your cheeks have the faintest rosy flush, not an eye booger or puff to be seen. Yeah, me neither. In fact, when Gare and I went outside at about 9am to take these photos, I looked like I had just crawled out of my grave. But thanks to the wonders of photo processing, I can live vicariously through my digitally-rendered, most angelic self-portrait. Don't get me wrong, I'm no photoshop genius. But I get by with a little bit of brightening and smoothing. It makes for a better photo than, say... 

This monstrosity... (au naturale, baby)

In all seriousness though, maybe this horse has been beaten to death, but I'm still fascinated by the controversy ever-circulating the media about its use of photo rendering of celebrities and models in the fashion and advertising industry. I find it concerning when we suddenly are accepting without question these digital transformations of beautiful, healthy, unique bodies into "tall sticks with assets." Where do you draw the line?