Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look up!

One itch that has begun to inhabit my brain these days is that distinguished bloggers have such awesome, uniquely designed blogs. They're not limited by pre-made layout gook. They've got a look, a style, a brand. Many bloggers are so proficient in the world of HTML, a world to which I am completely foreign (and quite honestly, a bit intimidated by it). But today, my friends, today I have decided to take my first few baby steps into Blog Design Land and create my own header! It's not terribly extravagant, but I think it suits me, don't you? Typically, I don't think this sort of event necessarily merits its own post, but there are a couple artists who deserve credit for their contribution to this header!

The first is the patterned background, which I found off this fantastic website for those who fancy color and pattern design, Colour Lovers! The creator of this pattern is Jewel (a peace of mind). I just can't get over the palette... I'm such a sucker for pastels.

Second, the gorgeous illustration of a girl was done by none other than renowned fashion illustrator, Christina Koutsospyrou. I enjoy her style, it is soft and very feminine. And those soul-gazes! Her work has been featured by many publications and commissions including Vogue, Elle, Levi’s and La Perla. Here are some of my favorites:

The rest of her work can be found on her official site here.