Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hair adventures!

Happy Saturday!

For some reason I have been waking up much earlier than I'd prefer to (especially after I've had a late night!). It's 8:24. What to do? Write a blog post, alright!

Anywho, I'm not going to be putting up any outfit photos for a while, at least a week or so, due to some drastic, experimental changes my hair is going through. I won't say what, although I'm sure those of you who bump into me throughout the week will have a pretty good idea. Also, I apologize in advance if you do, I'm currently in Phase One and it's a bit of a frightening sight. The ideal would have been to do it all in one go, but you can't rush this kind of thing. The poor mop needs time to rest!

If you're really curious, Lady Gaga alludes to what I'm doing on a certain song on her album, The Fame Monster!

Wish me luck as it all turns out!