Friday, September 9, 2011

Geranium kisses

Wow. Hi, hello, blogging world! This has been quite the vacation, let me tell you.
Before I start shpieling about what's new, I first have to share this amazing surprise I discovered upon logging into Blogger for the first time in a few weeks:

Well, hot dog, that's ILSE! That's the very photoshoot we did back in May! As it turns out, a lovely lady, Natza, has featured my blog as one of her fashion influences on Polyvore! What an honor, my mind is just blown. Thank you, Natza!

Anyway, last we left off, I was about to get married! And now...

I am officially a Mrs!!! I think I have been subconsciously putting off this post because I am afraid I don't have the right words to do my feelings justice. The wedding was... it was just more than I had ever imagined it would be. All of the elements came together so wonderfully. The lace runners and fabric flowers, the yarn chandeliers, the bunting with our names, the perfect weather, the great food, the music, all our friends and family in one place at one time. (I promise I will make a special post with more photos, just as soon as we get the CD with all of the pictures.) It's so difficult to describe decently because it all happened so quickly, as for some reason weddings do when you're the one in the dress! I just remember feeling like I was an astral projection floating above my body the entire time, looking at everything going on around me as if I were dreaming. I cried, I laughed, I nearly starved to death before Gare and I were finally able to sit down and have a plate of food. All of a sudden the night was over and all I wanted was to keep repeating it over and over and over.

The very next morning, we were off on our honeymoon, to spend a whole week exploring in both Seaside and Portland, Oregon. More on that later!

And now, I am back in college, starting the year fresh. Except this time, I've taken up residence with a certain special man of mine ;) Living with my husband is somehow so natural to me. We have spent more consecutive waking (and sleeping!) hours together the past couple weeks than we ever have over the course of our three and a half year relationship, but it feels like we've always been this way.
It does seem a bit strange when I think about this life course I have chosen, especially in a world that doesn't have much support for it. In fact, it just recently hit me that I am one of the first in my graduating class to get married. People have asked me, how am I ready to make such a decision right now? To devote my entire life to someone so early? You might not be too surprised when you see that we're Christians. And young marriage is, honestly, something that Christian culture is known for. But the underlying reason behind why I feel like I can be able to unconditionally love and commit myself to someone like this is because Jesus has done exactly that for me (when I didn't even do anything to deserve it, what the heck?! haha). This marriage will take serious sweat and blood, and it won't be perfect. But what is life without taking some risks for what you care about? :)

So, that's the story. We're married. And excited. And grateful. And we love everyone in our lives so, so much. But enough about my life, I can't even WAIT to get back into vintage fashion! Stay tuned :)