Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey, whaddya say

This is one of my favorite ensembles as of late. My closet has become so monochrome, you'd wonder if I've become a funeral crasher. The hair, I tell you! The purple lends my look so much character that when I wear too much color, I feel like it's too loud. It's all about balance, right? Although to be honest, I'm very taken by a somewhat grungier, 90s-era look. That slouchy beanie has become a personal accessory vice of mine. It. Is. So. Bomb. For one, I've never ever ever before been able to pull off a beanie. For two, I've never really frequented skate/snowboarding shops because, well, I haven't attempted either of those sports. But the triumphant feeling of strolling into Zumiez and picking through the giant beanie rack for the perfect black beanie was just so satisfying. Fist pump for expanding style horizons! Thanks, you unicorn hair, you.

Jacket- Marshall's
Dress and button up- thrifted Ralph Lauren
Cut off cowboy boots?- thrifted
Dooney and Burke bag- thrifted
Infinity scarf- gift from my sweet man