Sunday, January 15, 2012

There and back again

Want to hear something funny? I've been putting this post off for about a month thinking that I've been too busy to find a quiet moment to write it. Tonight, as I wrestled with my boredom and self-pity about having nothing to do all by my lonesome while the husband is out with the boys and The Old Republic, the thought of this golden opportunity to write entered my mind and even still I was tempted to discard it. But hey, here we are!

Want to hear another funny bit? I did this shoot about a month ago. A month ago! A short bout of inspiration, maybe. Didn't make it to my blog so quickly, as you can see. But that's not all. In the process of moving to our new place, I relieved my closet of more than three GIANT trashbags of my collected vintage. I thought it would scar the core of my being, but for some reason, it didn't. It felt good. Freeing. And not only from the pains of having little to no closet space (ask my husband).

I had conversations with myself about quitting my fashion blog altogether. What do you know about fashion? You're not inspired. Look at that silly tilted half-moon pose. Cut it out. Great, Gabi, wave goodbye to another attempted hobby.

Sorry. This wasn't supposed to be Debby Downer hour. Writings do reflect the writer whether they mean to or not, and what I mean to say is that this is where I am right now. Or at least, it should explain where I've been.

The point of this post is to serve as a confirmation for myself, that I'm starting a turn-around. I've been perusing the blogging community again, and finding new favorites. And I realized I still like fashion very much. I still like writing. Motivation will come and go, won't it? As cheesy as it is, I think that's what I love so much about creating. Zero obligation. One hundred percent freedom to express, no matter who, what, when, where, or why I am. I'm just happy to be here again. And I'm happy that you're here along with me!

Let me warn you, my style has certainly changed since I've changed my hair (which will soon be made apparent on here, I'm sure). I now know what it is like to have true love/hate relationship with my hair. A sigh of pleasure at having achieved this unusual aesthetic goal meets a shudder of the next five-hour session to upkeep it every time I look in the mirror. Oh well, c'est la vie avec la mode ;)

Top and cardigan: thrifted vintage gifts
Shoes: thrifted vintage
Bag: thrifted Dooney and Burke gift
Necklace: Target
Attitude: positive