Monday, January 30, 2012

All washed out

There's a trick to fashion on a budget, especially when your wallet limits you primarily to secondhand shops. That trick, although perhaps it's more of a test of perseverance, is patience. I remember having a conversation with a good friend about the challenges of finding certain trendy items when thrift store shopping is always such a grab bag. You will never (well, rarely) find the same piece of clothing each trip like you would at a typical retail store. So, as combat boots became the big autumn hit, I tore a reluctant eye away from F21 online and began to scour the shoe sections during my thrifting outings. A couple months fly by without much luck and the $40 I very swiftly could dedicate to those boots begins to sizzle and spark in my pocket. Long story short, I DID eventually find these boots. Rather than $40, I was put out a mere $7. The price of patience? Well, I did nab my prize at a significant discount, despite being a bit tardy to catch on to the trend. Perhaps in the high fashion world, with how quickly trends rise and fall, I would receive a deserving scoff. But in Reno, fashion creeps at a turtle's pace, and hey, I can get by ;)

Is the price of patience worth it to you?

Boots, jacket, tee, shorts - thrifted
Knee-highs - Macy's
Clutch - thrifted gift