Thursday, July 28, 2011

Androgyny bravery

Thought I would pay an homage to Miss Victoria! Her stockings, brimmed hats, and button-up collared shirts make me swoon! The only thing that makes this outfit slightly unwearable is the tendency for these stockings to ride down, down, down my leg no matter how tight I pull them. But hey, they make for a decent photo, right?

Update about the job: did get a call yesterday. (By the way, thank you so much for all the support!) However, it's still inconclusive as to whether I got it. I get to go in next Wednesday for a nice chat with a manager. About what? I'm not entirely sure! Oh, when will the saga end?!

Can't wait for tonight! The big Artwalk downtown is tonight and I'm bringing Camille! With any luck, I will have some photos to put up tomorrow.

Shorts: cutoffs from old jeans
Hat, shirt, bag, shoes: thrifted vintaee
Stockings: cutoffs from old tights

Hope everyone is enjoying this blistering hot day! (Or cold day, depending on your geographic location)