Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gonna do a voodoo dance until you feel my power now

Hello hello hello!

I think this has to be one of my favorite outfits to date! Picked up this little number at the thrift store the other day; the vest, that is. Although I suspect it may also double as a dress should I button it in the front. Get a load of that print! Shrunken heads, tiki masks, and monkey's paw, oh my!

Also thought I would have a go at the high bun now that my hair is beginning to show some considerable length! I am so happy to be growing my hair out again. So many possibilities with longer hair!

Well, today is the day I'll be finding out whether I got the job I've been after for the last month and a half! The suspense, the suspense! I've invested so much into this that if I don't get it, it'll probably feel similar to a very nasty break-up or being rejected from the university of my dreams. Ah well. The Big Man has a plan!

Shoes, vest, bag: thrifted
Shorts: thrifted Bill Blass
Shirt: yard sale F21
Shades: Plato's Closet

Have a very lovely afternoon! <3