Friday, July 8, 2011

Better outrun my gun

Hey guys! I hope you had a deliciously bombtastic independence day! (Or day in general, if you don't hail from the US) I know I did! Gabi, that was four days ago. Shhhhh shh shh... don't speak...

Anyway, this is what I donned:

Pretty pleased with the fact that all three patriotic colors are expressed in this day dress. Everything I'm wearing (vintage/thrifted) has been given to me so graciously by Christina! Who I very much miss and wish to see some day soon!

Let's see. What's new and cool lately. I've reached a truce with my hair! The more I've been playing around with it lately, the more I am beginning to appreciate the many textures and shapes that it can conform to. So, no chemical relaxing for me. Right now, I'm really grooving with this fluffy 80s Chewbacca moptop.

TOMORROW MARKS FIVE WEEKS UNTIL THE WEDDING. What? Summer, where did you go? I can't even think straight these days. Still so many things to make!!! I'll write a post real soon about my latest project. I love it. I LOVE these silly projects. But I want. More. Time. Please. God. Help. Me.

Have a great weekend, ya'll! (I don't know. The internet brings out the south in me.)