Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cindarellee, Cindarellee

^ Who I feel like today! All this moving, packing, and cleaning. Oh, the Great College Purge. It's a lot of work to do alone, but I really don't mind it so much! Repetitive labor makes for a nice little break from all the thinking I've had to do this past week. I feel like if my brain had legs it would have been jogging nonstop on a mini treadmill in my head. And now it can rest. Dear summer, you've come not a day too soon.

But anyway, I'm taking a break RIGHT NOW to post my photoshoot with the beautiful ILSE! I'm going to miss her so much when she goes home to Vegas.

Couldn't help but go back to the sweet train tracks again. And get a load of those dresses. Seriously. The red poofy one is from the 50s and the floral sequined one is from the 60s. I think I choked a little when I first saw them, in a good way! This girl can work vintage, just look at her! Wow oh wow wow. I am really looking forward to doing more shoots with her in the future <3