Friday, July 29, 2011

Artwalk 2011!

Art and music and culture and super cute local business in Reno? Believe it.

 Had a jolly good time with the girls of my bible study!

 A strawberry curiously resembling a non-organ of our body

Look at this adorable accordionist!

 Silks at Living Stones

My fondness for geometry

 The Hub!

 Spooky exhibits at The Holland Project

 He likes it.

Does anyone know the name of this band? Liked them a whole lot!

No fashion show is complete without the cookie monster.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Androgyny bravery

Thought I would pay an homage to Miss Victoria! Her stockings, brimmed hats, and button-up collared shirts make me swoon! The only thing that makes this outfit slightly unwearable is the tendency for these stockings to ride down, down, down my leg no matter how tight I pull them. But hey, they make for a decent photo, right?

Update about the job: did get a call yesterday. (By the way, thank you so much for all the support!) However, it's still inconclusive as to whether I got it. I get to go in next Wednesday for a nice chat with a manager. About what? I'm not entirely sure! Oh, when will the saga end?!

Can't wait for tonight! The big Artwalk downtown is tonight and I'm bringing Camille! With any luck, I will have some photos to put up tomorrow.

Shorts: cutoffs from old jeans
Hat, shirt, bag, shoes: thrifted vintaee
Stockings: cutoffs from old tights

Hope everyone is enjoying this blistering hot day! (Or cold day, depending on your geographic location)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gonna do a voodoo dance until you feel my power now

Hello hello hello!

I think this has to be one of my favorite outfits to date! Picked up this little number at the thrift store the other day; the vest, that is. Although I suspect it may also double as a dress should I button it in the front. Get a load of that print! Shrunken heads, tiki masks, and monkey's paw, oh my!

Also thought I would have a go at the high bun now that my hair is beginning to show some considerable length! I am so happy to be growing my hair out again. So many possibilities with longer hair!

Well, today is the day I'll be finding out whether I got the job I've been after for the last month and a half! The suspense, the suspense! I've invested so much into this that if I don't get it, it'll probably feel similar to a very nasty break-up or being rejected from the university of my dreams. Ah well. The Big Man has a plan!

Shoes, vest, bag: thrifted
Shorts: thrifted Bill Blass
Shirt: yard sale F21
Shades: Plato's Closet

Have a very lovely afternoon! <3

Friday, July 22, 2011

A little bit magical

Before you say anything, let me first say this: I am not ashamed!

All of my life I have had a funny relationship with Harry Potter.

I remember the exact airplane trip when I was 5-6 that my dad started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to me. I was hooked. Every book release was like discovering a delicious new flavor of ice cream. I had a Harry Potter bedspread, two journals, figurines of all the characters, a signed photograph of Daniel Radcliffe, a candy potion maker, a Sorting Hat pillow with attached house crests in its mouth, a Hedwig plushie, and a wand. When I was 11, I waited for my Hogwarts letter. That was the same year I accidentally hit my head on the edge of my dresser and obsessed over what appeared to me to be a scar-shaped scratch on my forehead. Began to draft a letter to J.K. Rowling about this tremendous coincidence. Changed my mind. Then I hit book five, right in the midst of an age where assigned readings in school made reading for pleasure not so pleasurable anymore. Also, I was annoyed with Harry for being such an angsty, whiny little fifteen year old. So, I stopped following the books and was content with just watching the movies.

As you know, last week was the release of the final movie. Kena (loyal to the end, she was!) and I decided we had to go all out. We dressed up, she as a Hufflepuff student and me as Moaning Myrtle. We baked Pumpkin Pasties from a recipe in her Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. The premiere was a blast! When those end credits rolled, I knew it wasn't over. I mean, the series was over (and our childhood) and everything, but I still have a job to do. I have to finish those books.

What kind of friend would I be if I deserted Harry just because I thought he was being obnoxious! It's not like his parents died or had powerful dark wizards out to kill him or anything...

So, that's my current mission. Reading the entire series, beginning to end. Right now I'm on book three! What an incredible story. I loved the movies and everything, but I can't wait to truly finish the adventure that I started so many years ago.

If Moaning Myrtle had a Facebook... haha! She'd be really attached to her toilet.
I hope you like my costume! It was entirely thrifted except for my stockings, which I found in Walmart. My Ravenclaw tie was DIY, just used a normal blue tie and a silver sharpie.

/geek out

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Les artistes

Yikes! How long has it been since my last post? I dread to think of the exact number of days.

I would say I've been very busy, too busy to blog of course because I'm getting married in less than a month. In fact, I'm asked that quite a bit. But in all honesty, I don't really feel any differently than normal, despite the date's creeping arrival. I mean, I guess I've been busy! Still crafting. Making lace table runners with my mom, patterned bowties for the groomsman, even more fabric flowers. Sent out invitations, had pre-marital counseling, met with the wedding planner, the photographer... and yet I still manage to do other life-related things. Hang out, go to shows, job interviews, interwebs, read, bible study etc. I think what it is is that I'm not completely stressed out of my mind, at least not yet.

Is there truly a good excuse as to why I haven't blogged? Probably not. Maybe... I think I could use another jolt of inspiration.

I do have a few new post ideas up my sleeve, but unfortunately I have been separated from Camille (my camera), but I'm excited to get to work once we're reunited. In the meantime, I could use some stylin' eyecandy, how about you?

The people I follow are SO COOL!
 You guys are my picker-uppers when I'm feeling bland and lame.
Here are some of my fav ensembles as of late.

Virginie of Virginie's Cinema! That southwestern print is bangin'. I love the way she works a pop of bright colors into almost every one of her ensembles. And might I also add she's a fantastic cinematographer?

Claire of Stolen From Grandma! If my soul were embodied in an outfit, this would be it. The cut out shoulders, the soft pastel pink blouse, the warm brown tones. Adore.

Okay, so I know she's famous and everything but I will never get enough of Leandra, The Man Repeller. Just look at her. Being fabulous while simultaneously making me choke on my beverage in laughter should be a crime. Pretty much every high-fashion outfit of hers breaks some kind of normalcy rule. Such confidence I can only dream of possessing.

Denim, floral prints, and mustache-adorned totes. Amanda from Off Of Broadway is so sweet and thrifty. And she has her own actual vintage shop! Only just a dream for me... sigh, maybe some day a reality.

Victoria, from Marmalade is a true artist. Her photography and sense of style is amazing. I have to say, she's really a favorite to follow.

Jo, from Lost in the Haze, is absolutely lovely. Her photographs are always so dreamy, with style to match.

Lily of Love Charles Vintage. One of the first blogs I ever followed when I started looking into the vintage style blogging community. She and her thriftiness still continue to inspire me!

There are still so many others, but I'll leave that to another post before this one gets more out of hand than it has already. And yourself? Who are your favorite personal muses?

Have a sweet, sweet day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Better outrun my gun

Hey guys! I hope you had a deliciously bombtastic independence day! (Or day in general, if you don't hail from the US) I know I did! Gabi, that was four days ago. Shhhhh shh shh... don't speak...

Anyway, this is what I donned:

Pretty pleased with the fact that all three patriotic colors are expressed in this day dress. Everything I'm wearing (vintage/thrifted) has been given to me so graciously by Christina! Who I very much miss and wish to see some day soon!

Let's see. What's new and cool lately. I've reached a truce with my hair! The more I've been playing around with it lately, the more I am beginning to appreciate the many textures and shapes that it can conform to. So, no chemical relaxing for me. Right now, I'm really grooving with this fluffy 80s Chewbacca moptop.

TOMORROW MARKS FIVE WEEKS UNTIL THE WEDDING. What? Summer, where did you go? I can't even think straight these days. Still so many things to make!!! I'll write a post real soon about my latest project. I love it. I LOVE these silly projects. But I want. More. Time. Please. God. Help. Me.

Have a great weekend, ya'll! (I don't know. The internet brings out the south in me.)

Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm really ecstatic about our post-wedding Oregon getaway. Rather than staying at big pricey hotels, we decided we wanted to travel around and rent out people's homes and living spaces through! This website is awesome, you can find rooms and homes all over the world that people are renting out for any length of time from one night to multiple months! You can even put up your own space for rent, too.

Here's a little intro video for the curious:

Considering some of these vacay spots...

I just can't wait to have a whole week with my husband before school starts back up :)

What is your dream honeymoon destination?? Or, if you have already had yours, which fabulous locale did you choose?