Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Easter! And wedding stuff!

Happy Zombie Jesus Day! ;)
If only this lovely day didn't have to be tainted by this obnoxious cold that has come upon me within the last couple days. All I feel like I can muster up the strength to do is sleep and sleep some more. Though thankfully writing this blog post isn't taking too much more out of me. Reading the Canterbury Tales for CH is a whole other story, however, haha.

Finally got to sit down with the WHOLE family (mums and pops) today and really crack out the details of the invitation list and the wedding format. We're limited to a tight budget, and really, most of the money is spent on the dinner (food, tables, settings, etc), which is heavily dependent upon the number of guests. Though we set out to have a strict 100 people limit, it really bothered me that we couldn't have as many loved ones join us just because we can't pay for their dinner. (It seems as though NOT serving food is out of the question at a wedding?) Gare and I had decided from the get-go that we're down for a more non-traditional format, so I suggested that instead of a formal dinner, we just have finger-foody hors d'ouvres instead! That way, we can cut some costs on eating so as to allow for more people to come and share in our wedding day with us! I do believe I am much much happier with that!

Anyway, I've been checking out this blog,, for some indie, non-traditional wedding inspiration, and there sure is a lot! I'm so excited to be able to design the aesthetics of the wedding :) Vintage, DIY, eco-friendly, outdoors. That's what it's all about!

Some of my favorites...

I reaaaaally like the mixing&matching going on here!
all photos via ruffledblog

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  1. I absolutely love the assortment of chairs! What a great idea. And the mix and matched bridesmaid and groomsmen! Love it. Thanks for this post! I'm getting married in June and always looking for more ideas.