Monday, April 25, 2011

A season to be sky-high

A beautiful perk about having a friend/mentor like Christina? Style advice. The style part is still, to me, the most daunting thing about this style blogging business. To put it bluntly, I am a serious n00b. There is so much to learn about clothing and the way it changes with the seasons. One of the last times I was helping out Christina at her house, I brought out a green, polka-dotted tea dress that I bought on one of our thrifting outings. For the life of me, I could not figure out what the heck to do with it. The piece itself is wonderful, but I just couldn't help thinking that it is years older than me. I didn't know how to modernize it. Taking my problem to Christina, she spoke the word I had a feeling was coming.


Oh, high-heeled shoes. It's true. You really do know how to put the sexy, the classy, the modern in any ensemble. I keep seeing them in almost every blog I follow. Strappy, sandal wedges and platforms. Not only are they really really hot this season, but they work with pretty much anything! Plus, I think I would feel much safer walking around with a blocky, reinforced heel rather than stilettos. I can't help feeling that tiny sticks are hardly enough support for a 100+ pound human.

So, that's my next mission! (Once I save up some bank.) In the meantime, here are some of my favorites I've found so far! I'm a huge fan of creamy, earthy neutrals in the shoe department, but hopefully they're not too redundant.

Respectively: Aldo (3), Lucky Brand (2), UO (3), DSW (1), Famous Footwear (4)

ALSO: Browsing for shoes is a decent distraction from my inability to breathe.
ALSO pt. deux: I just dropped my last tissue down the crack between my wall and my bed.


  1. Yr blog is great! Shall we follow each?

  2. i just got the Steve Madden 'Grifin' for that very reason! The heel is pretty ridiculously "sky high" as you say, but surprisingly easy to manage... they seem to go with everything and have such a vtg 70s look to 'em (several earthy colors + quality leather + real wood sole/heel)...the best part is that they just (finally) began to be discounted all over the web...worth a look!

  3. @Mrs Vintage

    Thank you so much! Yours is really lovely too :) Done!

  4. @K$4

    That's what I'm hearing! I just took a peak at those Griffin shoes. They have such a grungy feel, so cool. I can only imagine how awesome they are when worn!