Friday, April 1, 2011

Lady luck smiles on the thrifty

Rah! I didn't even make it to two weeks and I already missed yesterday's post! But you know what, it's cool. Life happens, y'know? I think this week was one of the most stressful (school stuff-wise) that I've had in a long while. Anyway, it's finally Friday, a very lovely Friday! Met up with Christina at her favorite local Salvation Army I've never been. It's a really, really cool store. Had only a few dollars to my name to spend this time and I didn't plan on finding anything too exciting... hah! To plan that you won't get lucky in a thrift store is akin to planning that something unexpected won't happen in your life. Ridiculous, right? Was just browsing among the $2 purses when I came across this... this beautiful work of purse craftsmanship:

It's a genuine leather Coach sling bag, vintage I believe! And I had exactly the two dollars to pay for it! I brought it over to show Christina, and while we were speculating about its authenticity, to our dismay, one of the checkout ladies overheard and remarked that it should have been placed in the boutique section! My heart
dropped, knowing boutique status would bump its price up quite a bit and that I would have to give up this fanfreakintastic find. But it was fate... the checkout lady was so sweet and kind as to let me take it home for regular price. I absolutely adore it. It has a few spots of what look like oil stains on the front, but Christina said that her saddle soap should spiff it right up. I just can't believe my good fortune!

This is just one of the many reasons why secondhand shopping is fantastic. Everything is donated. You never know what one person regards as trash, old, used, outdated... you might just find it super cool, unique, and even trendy! I think one of my next posts will have to go in-depth about all the things I love about thrift stores. I just don't have a single regret spending my time in them. If you've never thought to check one out yourself, I can't recommend it enough!

Well, I'm off to catch a flick with the fiance. Till tomorrow!


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