Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Riveter

Ahah, it's funny because my last name is Rose... yeah. I picked Miss Rosie the Riveter for the name of this outfit because that's the comment I received most often about this ensemble. It seems pretty fitting: the high-waisted trousers, the collared button-ups, the spirit of women in the workforce during WWII. Admittedly, the turban is like a rooster in a henhouse, but I wanted that little pop of spring to pull everything together. Hope you like it!

photo credz: Brian Wong
Shirt: thrifted Banana Republic
Pants: thrifted Ralph Lauren
Shoes: thrifted
Watch: thrifted vintage
Bag: vintage Coach bag
Turban/scarf: thrifted
Belt: thrifted

ALSO: This look is very much inspired by Zoe (aka Haiku Ambulance)! Don't mean to be a copycat, but I was reading and soaking up her incredible style and I noticed that I had just the right pieces to pull together a very similar look. We learn by imitation, right?
ALSO pt. deux: If you're interested in wearing a sweet turban like the one above, you can learn here! Beautiful Starr (aka A Thought Is The Blossom) made a tutorial for the rest of us, it's super easy!


  1. This is such a beautiful look! Love tghe scarf and your bag, very retro. <3

  2. I am so happy you got such wonderful photos of this outfit!! It was so perfect! And your friend Brian is such a great photographer! Those pics in your last post, how he caught the light, THOSE JEANS!!! Great stuff here lady!!

  3. You've got amazing style! I can tell your blog is going to be a success. So glad to be following!

  4. I luv the handbag! Great blog 2.