Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hair dilemma

Hi!!! I am back from Hiatus! Have had internet on and off the past week as I've been driving back and forth from my mom's to Sparks (there's none at my Sparks residence until Saturday).

TODAY is a super special day because it is the birthday of my dearest maid-of-honor, Alysse! Gosh, I even have a style shoot of her that would be a perfect feature for today's post, but, alas! I am separated from Camille (m'lady camera) and, consequently, those pictures. Hopefully I can have them up by tonight or tomorrow, for sure!

I've been thinking a lot about hair. Hair, in general. Hair colors. Hair shapes. My own hair, that I am currently dissatisfied with. To be frank, I'm tired of my thick, curly mop. I'm tired of straightening it every other day. I'm tired of the mess! I know what you're thinking. The grass is always greener on the other side! And you're right. But what if whenever you're on the other side, people ask you what the hell you were ever doing on your own side? Well, not phrased like that exactly. I just mean that in general, when I ask people, they prefer when my hair is straight and sleek. Not that I hate my curly hair, but I agree with them! I feel prettier! I feel more kempt!

I'm looking into chemical straightening/relaxing. From what I understand, it is maintained until your natural hair grows out, so it's not totally permanent, which is nice. I know a couple people who have done it and they seem pretty darn happy with it.

Guh. It all makes me nauseous because I KNOW straight/wavy hair is more socially accepted as attractive than fluffy natural curls (the non-curling iron kind). Do I want to go through with this process, admitting that I am a slave to the views of society? I guess I do. Although, I guess I already made that pretty obvious with this blog, or else I would be wearing a cardboard box with duct tape straps. We all do it though, when it comes down to it.

The question is, to change or not to change? Do what makes me happy?

Now I feel even more confused than before. What are your thoughts?