Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunny days are photoshopped to stay

Featuring the sweetest little wiener dog in the whole world! Schnitzel <3

I would like to take this moment to talk about how cool photoshop is. Well, photo processing in general! I love the freedom that it brings, giving us the ability to transform an image. I know there's a lot of flak against it for its affiliation with dishonesty in the media world. After all, it really does accomplish what it sets out to achieve: an alternate reality of sorts. Maybe it's the intention that matters. I appreciate altered photographs that are intended for artistic purposes, rather than for deception. Like today, gloomiest day in a while. I did this shoot and I thought, well geez, it could use some brightening up!

And, VOILA! Happy sunny happy tricking myself into believing its a lovely day for a style shoot and not really freezing my buns off!
Shirt: gift from Christina
Jeans: ?
Belt, shades, shoes and bag (there they are again!): thrifted