Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love grown tall

So, I thought my mixing a maroon skirt with a pale pink top in my last post was color blocking, until I looked up color blocking and realized I was still a n00b. Cheers to learning, right? I hear it's going to be a darn spicy trend this season, and I'm really excited to try it! Must find me some colorful basics. American Apparel is about to make a killing these next few months. Not from me though, I still need to feed myself this summer.

Wahoooo, damn. Taste that rainbow.

In other news, I had the BEST afternoon with my darling love and bridesmaid, Ilse. She had recently purchased some incredible dresses circa 50s and 60s from the antique store downtown and we finally took the opportunity to take them out for a photo romp (I plan on dedicating my whole next post to that). She also helped me with today's style shoot--turns out that lying dormant within her among a multitude of other talents is the ability to direct and take wonderful photos. I really think she ought to pick up the hobby. Yes, Ilse, I know you're reading this, DO IT!

Top: gift from my mother-in-law
Shades: Laura Biagiotta gift from my mother-in-law <3
Pants: vintage thrifted
Clutch: vintage thrifted
Watch: vintage thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Scarf: thrifted