Sunday, May 29, 2011

Internet and... Bikram Choudhury?!

Hiya :)

Sorry it's been so long! Today, I am thrilled to announce that my summer home now has internet! I am relieved, especially after occupying the local Starbucks three days in a row and successfully weirding out the same barista who worked all three days! My head has been swimming with ideas in the meantime and I'm excited to start reading more blogs and hunting for inspiration.

The past week has been pretty interesting. I have a story!

I don't know if I mentioned that I was offered a karma cleaning position for Wednesday nights not too long ago at my bikram yoga studio! About a month ago, one of the other cleaners asked if I could cover her midday shift one week, which was the next-day shift after mine. I accepted, not thinking too much about it. Literally, the week before, my cleaning partner and I got an email that BIKRAM CHOUDHURY himself (yeah, the man who trademarked his special practice and created a billion dollar enterprise out of it) was going to stop by the studio that Thursday and that we better make sure the place is immaculate. I was terrified for the whole 24 hour period before his arrival.

I also realized, I can be a bit of a drama queen.

This is Bikram:
Nothing says majestic like lotus pose on a tiger pelt.

I think I prefer this one:
Teehee :)

The cleaning wasn't too bad, thankfully there were a lot of helping hands to get the job done. When Bikram finally arrived, the entire lobby was packed full of people. He then gave us a lecture about his life, spirituality, success, and his ability to subsist on very little food and sleep daily. Whether or not the guy actually brought the world together for the ultimate mind, body, and spirit connection with his practice, I'm personally glad for its presence in my life, especially for the health benefits. One lady there mentioned that she lost 90 pounds from going to the yoga! Amazing.

Still waiting for the day I can do this...

One day... one day!