Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fashion, in a healthy way

Been thinking about the relationship between fashion and health lately. I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with the way the fashion industry sells clothes (and its perception of the ideal body): tall, thin, dainty, almost skeleton-like figures that stride down a runway. These women fit into a very specific body type that the vast majority of us do not; in fact, it is largely unachievable for us, despite going the extremes some do to have it. This is just because, biologically, we are built differently.

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What bothers me is when this "look," the characteristics that define the fashion body type are associated with health. That, essentially, it's all about being skinny. Skinny, skinny, skinny. When you're skinny, you know you're healthy... right? Not necessarily. While you may be thin, naturally or unnaturally, maybe due to dieting or a crazy fast metabolism, your muscles may be weak and atrophied... or your body may not be receiving the necessary nutrition it needs to function in the best way possible. Though you might have the "look," your body is unprepared for the strain it will take on as it ages.

I truly believe that beauty is not just about the present, but also the future. It's about taking care of yourself for the long term, feeling beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. Curves are fabulous, if you have them. Even if you don't have them, you're still fabulous. And frankly, muscles are awesome. Our bodies can do so much with built-up strength and endurance, and they'll thank us for it later!

Anyway, these have just been my thoughts over the past couple weeks... I realized that I really do want to take a stand for the condition of my body. After all, I'll only ever have this one! I'm trying to learn how to cook healthier meals, with good oils and whole grains and fruits and veggies. And have also started this work-out regimen by Jillian Michaels called Ripped in 30!

So far, she's kicking my hiney, and I've only just started the second week today! I am so inspired by Anastasia, whose results are mind-blowingly amazing! I took pictures before I got started too, so hopefully if I can stick it through the next few weeks, I can put up the before&after shots to compare. Let me know if you plan on trying it out or are already doing your own, so we could encourage each other! I don't know about you, but for me, my best asset for getting in shape is a support system. Else I'd never get off that couch!

Here are the links to each of the videos:
Ripped in 30 - Week 1
Ripped in 30 - Week 2
Ripped in 30 - Week 3
Ripped in 30 - Week 4