Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here's looking at you, kid!

Dissolve your whole body into Vision: become seeing, seeing, seeing! Rumi

One sweet new thing that has fallen into my life:
Oh, fantastic. Another wanna-be-oldfashioned hipster with non-prescribed lenses. NOPE! These are all too real. And all too necessary. See, I lost my glasses about a month ago, and I've been needing some new ones!

I was at an interview last week where I saw this guy wearing similar specs. Appreciating the return of the wide-frames, I complemented him. He mentioned something about them being free through Coastal Contacts. What, free? Yeah! Go like them on Facebook! Okay! So, I did. And thus, I was introduced to the magic that is Coastal Contacts. Apparently, this company gives away glasses like hotcakes. Every so often they give away 10,000 pairs, you only have to pay shipping! After reading so many positive reviews on their facebook page, I had to try it. These babies came to me in about a week and I am absolutely infatuated with them! I think I may start wearing them out often... they really fit the style I am going for! I am happy. And I want you all to be as happy as Coastal Contacts has made me, so go like them, right now! :)
P.S. I just looked at their page and they're already about to do another giveaway, right now! Go, go, go!