Monday, June 27, 2011

Novel petals for the stem

 Ah, yes. The quintessential fashion blogger floor-stare. My ankles are just so interesting, you don't even know.
Then I thought I'd try a shot at miming. I call this: "Happily Leaning Against A Small Table".

I want to give credit to thetragicsense for the inspiration for this outfit! Seeing that we have almost the exact same 50s nightie, I thought it would be fun to pay a little homage to her amazing style. I can't believe women used to wear these... they sure slept with flair! I'm really loving the way sheer and airy clothes are trending right now.

Also! No matter how hard I try, my wardrobe can't seem to escape spring! Floral prints and creams and pastels, I could wear you forever. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this place doesn't really get a springtime. The seasons go from freezing cold in the winter to warm for maybe five days to the blithering heat of the summer. Ah well. The seasons don't rule me. Summer you will be my spring because I say so! You owe me!

50s nightie: gift from Christina
Top: vintage thrifted
Shorts: thrifted Ralph Lauren
Worn out old flats: Urban Outfitters

Bulletin! Stay tuned for Wednesday, when I'm guest blogging for Jess over at Turn That Frown Upside Down while she's getting her festival on at Cornerstone!