Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smoothies in the tall grass

Finally! Here we go. The whole outfit. I've posted it in parts, but never the entire ensemble!

Looks like the bangs could use a trimming! And the hair, a re-dyeing. And the grass, a cutting. Although I hope Jason doesn't cut it because I love tall grass! It's dreamy, somehow. Definitely picnic-worthy. I may just have to take a book and a sandwich out there one of these days.

Crop-top: DIY, was a thrifted dress
Skirt: thrifted vintage
Glasses: Coastal Contacts
Belt and Ralph Lauren clutch: gifts from Christina
Cameo pin that I adore: antique gift from Monica!
Shoes that you can't even see: Aerosoles
Smoothie: blended with love by Aleta!