Saturday, June 4, 2011

Iron and Wine!

What a magnificent Thursday night it was! Take a wild guess who I went to see *cough*obvious title*cough* ;)

 My luffly date!

I think the Knitting Factory has to be one of my favorite venues... The sound quality is killer and the atmosphere is pretty cozy!

You know, I could go on and on about how awesome the band was, but really, if you've heard any of their stuff before, there's no need to convince. I think what really gets to me is how dramatically different it is to experience the music live. I just love that. There is so much more emotion and passion involved that you can really see in the faces and body movements of the performers. And it shines through their music! Sam Beam is a man among men, I tell yah. What a talent. Since their new album, I would say, is much funkier than the ones previous, they had a whole new crew with a couple of saxes and even a trumpet, I believe! And so refreshing to see them put a new, more upbeat twist on some of their older, mellower songs.

The opener band, The Head and The Heart, also took me by surprise! I had never heard of them before this show, and shoot, they really wowed me. Those harmonies... oh those harmonies. And I swear, there is something so hot about a girl who can sing and play violin. I was crushin'! Needless to say, I bought their album right when I got home and have been listening to it since. It's actually humming through my speakers as I write this.

Overall, we had a deliciously good time :) I was thinking about including the story about the drunk girl and her gypsy wiggle who butt raped me for a good 30 minutes (I'm serious... her butt was raping me, like GRIND style) but it was only a minor lowlight. If you really want to hear the story, you can ask, I guess! Haha.

Shows are so bittersweet! I wish I could trap the whole experience in a little jar and revisit it from time to time. It'd be a whole lot more reliable than my memory.

I'll end here with this :) please have a listen! One of my favorites from their set.


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