Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree

What I've been working on these past few days!

Would totally wear a flower as an eye patch if I had to :)

As I was scavenging the blog world for wedding inspiration, I found this amazing tutorial for fabric flowers from Wednesday Custom Design! Aren't they lovely? They're so easy to make and you only really need scissors, hot glue, and fabric. Aside from these and our spool save-the-dates, we're also in the process of making yarn ball chandeliers! Next time we whip out a bunch I'll stick up some pictures. I'm just so elated that there are ways to create a beautiful atmosphere for our wedding without spending a ton of money! Seriously, it only cost about $30 to purchase the materials for the flowers and yarn chandeliers.

I have to admit, the world of crafting and DIY projects is so addictive. I hope to keep it up even after the wedding. Urban Outfitters even has a whole blog feature dedicated to DIY! The shirt I'm wearing up there in those pictures? You can't see the whole thing but it used to be an 80s dress. Not only was the dress schoolteacher-length but the cut wasn't too flattering for my figure. Yet, when I spotted it at the thrift store I couldn't help but take it home with me because I loved the micro polka dot pattern and turquoise green color. After playing around with it and experimenting, I decided to go at it with some scissors. Now, I have a sweet little summer crop-top! Maybe I'll add a brooch or a creamy collar of some sort... hmm... :) so much potential!

What projects are you working on or have been inspired by lately?
Oh, the things we can create with our hands!