Friday, June 17, 2011

Spoils of war

Oh, the joys of being thrifty! Paid a visit to the good ol' local Salvation Army today after weeks of holding myself back for sake of saving money. Most magnificent feeling ever. I missed the hunt: the millions of racks waiting to be scoured for hours upon hours, the way my hands begin to have this mild, grimy feel to them from sifting through old purses, the dusty apparel you could tell are seeing the outside world for the first time after having been long forgotten about in the back of someone's closet, the heart-pounding glory of finding hidden, ancient gems...

 Couldn't pass up this fun little floral wiggle dress!
 A handmade, burnt orange tunic! My first tunic ever! Excited to play around with styling this one.

I was very drawn to the vibrant colors and southwest print of this vest... though I will probably have to wait until fall to whip it out.

I like to play a little game with myself before I head into a thrift store. I set a dollar amount for myself, $10-$20, a challenge that I will spend no more than that limit. Then I try and figure out how to really make the most out of what I find. Usually, I have to make an ultimatum between two or three items in order to stay within the limit, examining them to decide which would be the best buy (although, sometimes, the decision is too hard and I break my rule, haha) I know it's a silly game and pretty dang nerdy, but I like to think it helps me learn more about the design and wear of the clothes. I can really choose carefully to decide on the clothes that are special to me... plus it keeps the size of my closet in check!
 A creamy, pleated skirt. Definitely a staple this season.
 Annnnd tan, high-waisted safari shorts!
Okay, I think I almost gasped when I saw these. I've been wanting real Oxfords for so long, but for some reason have delayed in buying myself some. I never ever ever thought I would find a true vintage pair in a thrift store, but there they were! Just smiling up at me! I can't believe my luck sometimes.

50 cents for paperbacks, gotta love it! I've been so curious about Thoreau's thoughts on his experience in isolation ever since learning about him in high school. Excited to dive into this one :)

I really want to encourage you, if you've never thought about thrifting before, to try it sometime. You never know what fantastic things you'll find!

Have a beautiful evening!
Gabrielle :) or Gabi, whichever you prefer!