Sunday, March 27, 2011

Calling for a vintage revival

Have I already mentioned how much I love old people? More than ever, I feel like they are misunderstood by the young. Okay, so a lot of them are fragile, losing their minds, kinda cranky, and smell a little funny (there's always exceptions to the rule, of course!). BUT! They weren't always! In fact, they used to be just as stylish, opinionated, passionate, and fun-loving as we are now. And their clothes! The very same clothes that today's society gawks at for its ridiculous "dated" look, we vintage lovers gasp and coo over. Do we as a society fully realize the coolness, the uniqueness of those granny dresses? The silky shrouds and feathers and beads? The handmade beauties? They used to be so hot and fashionable in their time! What happened? Why have they curled up and died and been shoved in the attic the way they have? Why can't we bring them back? (Given, in a modern way :) ) Sure, the runways have been known to incorporate such vintage inspirations into their lines, but I think we could use some more vintage lovin' among the general populous. Clothing of past decades offer such unique glamour, details, and construction. It's just... fantastic.

I think this video should explain my passionate outpouring :)

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  1. Yay, you have a blog!!! And it's AMAZING :) Very fun. and I LOVE the title. Makes me want to sing and go to Paris and watch Wall-e...
    Anyways, love you, love the blog, MISS YOU, hope to see you soon :)