Sunday, March 20, 2011

Setting sail

So, this is me. A run of the mill picture of a vintage blogger in some run of the mill vintage swag, right? Wrong! Oh, there is a story behind this picture, yes, quite a story. And it regards a fantastic lady by the name of Christina (AKA SecondSkinStyle).

 So sweet, amirite?

Sometime last year, I discovered style blogs. Y'know, like the one I'm about to attempt to create here: ladies whose hobby is to keep up with the fashion trends, showcasing their unique and awesome apparel, and sometimes managing their own ebay/etsy store to share their personal clothing loves with the world! Before, I just "followed" them by making bookmark tabs but now that I'm on Blogger I can actually follow them (yay, real blogging!).

Anyway, I began to watch Christina's blog toward the end of last year, and for some reason I couldn't help thinking her pictures looked very familiar. The backgrounds... those big snowy mountains and flat dry dead deserty-looking fields could very easily have been my backyard scene. Is it possible that we both live in the same little podunk town? And then it hit me. I had seen her! At the local In-N-Out of all places. I remember it well. It was just another summer day, the boyfriend (Gare) and I were grabbing some grilled cheeses and iced coffee when suddenly this lady walked in with her little boy. I nudged Gare. Dude, do you see that lady? Look at what she's wearing! She looks like she just fell out of the twenties! Christina was sporting a floral dress with a cloche hat. It was awesome. Except that I was staring so hard I might as well had been her stalker. What is she even doing here?! (Just to give you an idea, fashion isn't really a word used often here. At least not that I've seen. I think the biggest retail deal we had at the time was a JCPenney.)

Upon this realization, I wrote in Christina's formspring, remarking upon the coincidence and asking if she had any advice about someone who was thinking about getting into the vintage selling/blogging scene. Her response was beyond anything I would have ever expected. We ended up meeting up for lunch at a local cafe spot and talking for almost three hours! We shared stories and even got a bit philosophical (y'know, just your typical cafe experience, right? haha). Amazingly, it seems that we're kindred spirits about a lot of life-related things! At the pinnacle of our chat, Christina told me about her situation, that she'd been contemplating different directions she wanted to go with her vintage blogging/selling but mainly that she was hoping to take on an apprentice of sorts who could help her stay consistent with her store while she figured things out. I think I could have jumped out of my skin. Yes! Yes!

And that's where we are now. Christina and I get together most Fridays and she's teaching me the way of the vintage blogger/seller while I help her with her vintage selling. I really couldn't be happier. And it's more than just being able to explore a new hobby, I'm grateful I've made such a wonderful friend in Christina (pardon the cheesiness, but it's true!!) She's a great lady. I'm excited. All is good.

So that picture of me? I guess you can say it's my first step into the vintage style blogging neighborhood. (Christina dressed me up for my birthday dinner :)) Cheers to a beautiful new endeavor? Okay, let's do this.

P.S. Geez these posts are LONG! Promise I'll shorten them up as I go!


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