Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I want to sing-a about the moon-a and the june-a and the spring-a

Oh, what a day. I keep trying to dress spring-y with the idea in mind that if I pretend really hard that the weather is warmer, the climate will automatically adjust accordingly. Instead, I am left with white knuckles, goosebumps, and icy toes. Alas.

I cannot wait for spring. It's a beautiful, renewing time of year. And it just so happens to feature my favorite color scheme: pastels! 

photos via weheartit

[Edit]: Jessicaaaa! I love you :) I can't believe I didn't realize it was you!

Experimenting with layout stuffs now. Blogger is very user-friendly thus far! I like it.


  1. Hi Gabi!
    No, I don't have a blog. But you can come down the hall and follow me in person, lol. =D

  2. mmm pomegranate and cupcakes. i like your little blog, i'm starting one too.

  3. So yummy, right?? Thanks Valerie! Ooh, I'm gonna go have a looksee :)