Monday, March 21, 2011

Ready, set, GOALS.

Yeeaahhaah, day 3!

I was thinking it would be a good idea to make some goals for the rest of the semester! I'm out in May so that should give me plenty of time to focus on accomplishing a few things. The list is non-exhaustive so to any friends who happen to read this, suggestions are very, very welcome!

1. Write a new post every day. So far so good!
2. Make photo compilations of at least 3 outfits.
3. Figure out a design layout for my blog page! This standard n00by one will have to go at some point. The blog needs some lovin'!
4. Take part in at least one Cafe Girasole vintage sale with Christina. Stoked!
5. Do a vintage styling collaboration with a local photographer. There are some very talented people in this town! It's good practice and I think it'd be a lot of fun :)
6. Have a dress-up day or two!
7. Pay some attention to Camille (my camera, uh huh, named. and female for some reason.) I haven't taken a real photograph in quite some time :(
8. Wear an outfit on campus that pushes my comfort zone a little bit.
9. Check out Chictopia!

Can't think of any more right now! Probs will be back to this later.


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